How to automate your home through mobile app?

The project aims at designing an advanced home automation system using Wi-Fi, BTE & TSOP technology. The devices can be switched ON/OFF using an IR Remote, Personal Computer (PC), Android (or) iOS application through Wi-Fi & BTE.

The Features of this project include Wi-Fi, BTE and Internet based user-friendly interfacing, Low power consumption, Controls high and low voltage devices, Long life.

The components of this project are Node-MCU ESP8266. (Wi-Fi Module), ULN2003AN Relay Driver IC, 5V Relay, 230V – 5V Power supply, Slide Switch, Power LED.

The Applications of the project can be applied in Lighting Control, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Outdoor Lawn Irrigation, Kitchen Appliances, and Security Systems.

                                 Working module of the project

We will connect the ESP8266 module to our mobile or laptop to a data cable. After connecting it the kit will be ON. After the kit is ON we will find a Wi-Fi connection with username Smart control. We should connect to that Smart control then a page of that smart control will be opened. Click on configure Wi-Fi then it will display the nearest Wi-Fi users or hotspot users. Connect to the nearest network.

Now open the app in our mobile which is named as ESP8266 Wi-Fi control. When we open the app it will ask an IP address of our Wi-Fi hotspot network that we connected before. The IP address of that network will be displayed on Mobile APP.

Type that IP address in our app and give port number as 80 and click on save option. Now the home page will be opened. Then there will be four bulbs displayed. If we click on each bulb the bulb will be ON. If we click again it will be OFF. So by this process we can operate our bulbs automatically.

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