How to keep track on your health through your smart band?

The lifesaving aspect of this project is to monitor the health of the user regularly and to detect any possible medical conditions at the earliest stage and get immediate medical assistance. Our smart wrist band and mobile application is a lifesaver by helping the user with early diagnosis of the specific medical condition and providing the respective treatment.

The health needs of every individual are fulfilled when continuous monitoring and attention is provided. It is always a challenge to monitor health continuously. It is a fact that there is an essential need for health assessment tools and technology to address these concerns.

Our innovative health technology allows the users to use their sweat (Sodium, Potassium, Glucose, and Lactate) to detect few diseases, so that adverse medical conditions could be prevented and reversed by visiting a medical facility during its initial stages. The main objective of our project is to design and develop a health monitoring wristband and mobile application which measures essential parameters like Reads your sweat sugar easily, also can track body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen level, also detects Sodium, Potassium, Glucose and Lactate levels along with social distancing alarm, medical reminders and virtual doctor consultation. The data collected will be stored in a secure server for future reference as per government compliance.

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