How to create a well written and customizable website?

It is difficult as a customer to know if you got a good website or less good, as much is hidden in the code so it can be difficult as a customer to get acquainted with if you got a good website, which is why trusting the supplier is so worryingly important. We at Things at Web want to be the most affordable option, not the cheapest option.

To be the cheapest is quite easy to become, to be the cheapest more or less everything is based on templates, which you make minor adjustments in, to do it right takes time, then the code needs to be adapted, to make it cheap you do so the customer looks good, but Google who is your most important visitor sees that it is not as good as it can be, ie the customer does not get what the customer needs but often a template, with different well-written code that works differently.

The marketing costs for the cheapest website can be unnecessarily high as Google sees that the website is not well written in its code, then Google ranks down the website, and you need to buy more traffic that otherwise came for free or cheaper with a well-written website.

Today, speed is becoming increasingly important to end up high in rankings, then the website needs to be optimized so that it is downloaded quickly and used when a template with lots of functions that are not used, the website becomes unnecessarily tough.

We provide websites that are written from scratch, ie the entire website is coded, no templates are used, but a specification is followed and the website is created based on that template, the design is written entirely and adapted based on the customer’s requirements.

Websites from templates, where both WordPress and other EMS systems are used. In some cases we use design templates, ie the design is there but not the functions. These can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes

In consultation with the customer, a design template was used, ie the customer can see what the website will look like in its foundation, from there the functions are added to the website, where the customer can control whether parts should be deleted from the website, add new functions, customize functions. As the code is customized, these websites often become fast and optimized if desired against Google.

Things at Web is an agency that works with cutting-edge web technology but also more traditional web technology. We consist of people with a mix of knowledge, of course in digital with web and marketing, but also with good knowledge in the industry and then both manufacturing, quality monitoring, production technology, logistics solutions within companies. We would like to say that we have a breadth within Things at Web that is unique. We consist mostly of engineers at various levels, from bachelor’s level to doctoral degree in our subjects.

Even though we are many academics, we want you to experience us as down to earth and not speak a language that is difficult to understand, but we like to discuss in a simple language, where even those who do not have deep computer interests can discuss with us.

Buying a website should be fun, and feel safe. Therefore, it is important that you as a customer feel that you trust the web agency, otherwise we recommend that you search until you find one that you trust. You will get a user-friendly website with a nice design and well-written code, and advice on how to create a website with texts that work for search engines.

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