How to expand your business online?

Marketing your company has changed enormously with the entry of new digital marketing methods.

If you want your business to succeed in its marketing, then Digital Marketing is one of the most important keys. But to succeed, you must work actively with your website, it is not the case that a website ends up at the top of the search results without extensive work behind it.

A good-looking website is not enough today, for visitors to find your website that is the key to success with digital marketing today, more is needed. For this to happen, the website needs to be adapted so that it shows what the visitor is looking for, this is a common mistake on a website, the text is written completely regardless of what the customer is looking for in words in the search field.

An example might be that a customer wants to find a screwdriver and type it in the search field, but the inexperienced copywriter of a website writes an electric screwdriver instead.

Screwdrivers have a search volume of up to 100,000 searches per month, while the electric screwdriver has a maximum of 100 searches per month. By choosing the wrong word on its website in this case, the company loses the opportunity for large amounts of google search traffic.

If your company is on the internet with a website then it is not difficult to make a great-looking website without being visible online and creating leads from this website. This is a process that companies work on continuously to achieve their goals. The first step is to get the visitor to your website, but in the next step, the visitor also needs to be interested in your service and understand what your company’s delivery is.

Of course, it is possible to buy all traffic, but even if the traffic comes to your website, it can be made more cost-effective. Buying all the traffic is costly and not what creates the long-term solution for your website. It needs to have content that is attractive for the customer to read, to grow in its google ranking.

Using social media is a great way to build a brand, where you can communicate about your services or products on an ongoing basis. There are great opportunities here but also risks if you spread things that the customer thinks are irrelevant, as it may turn off your communication flow.

We have a wide range of services in internet marketing, where everyone has their unique benefits and purposes. Below are some examples.

Search engine optimization – As google and the other search engines become better at judging pages and their content, it becomes increasingly important that the website maintains a high technical standard if the website loads slowly or if the website is wrong, the search engines will rank your website. In other words, it is important that all parts of the website maintain a high quality to be ranked highly fair.

Facebook – Focuses on private individuals and companies with a focus on interests and geography

Linkedin – Focuses on professionals, where it is possible to steer ads towards titles and geography as examples.

Youtube – Targets video material and text ads, steers towards geography and interests.

Market analysis – includes the processes and techniques that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives. This is achieved by measuring performance (e.g. blogging versus social media versus channel communication). The market analysis uses important business metrics, such as ROI, marketing, and overall marketing effectiveness. In other words, it tells you how your marketing programs work.

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