How to make your product smart with IoT?

The possibility of an IoT solution is greater than we can imagine today, everything can be connected, with what is more or less just the imagination that can put a stop to it. Industry 4.0 is about machines being able to communicate with each other, but there is so much more to do within this, such as letting your machines/products communicate with both customers and you.

Today, IoT is often discussed in service and maintenance, but it is also about creating customer relationships. By seeing how customers use your products, it is possible to improve the products more towards the customer’s needs. A proven product with robust functions can be adapted to the sustainable development of the product.

Products can have an extended product life cycle and new business, by supplementing with control or data collection. With the help of a collection that takes place in real-time, it is possible to create decision support.

Things at Web  has developed customized systems to create developed customer relationships and opportunities for companies to grow by allowing the product’s revenue to live on after it is sold and creating a business that creates new opportunities for profitability and above all increased customer satisfaction.

By using a mini-computer or different communication devices, there are several types of possibilities.

A mini-computer is a solution that is suitable if you want to build controls and regulations in the unit near the machine. There are several different standard solutions when it comes to mini-computers, some of the most famous are Raspberry Pi and Arduino where you can program automation and control.

Measurement points can consist of a simple unit limited logic possibility, the unit has the main task of sending and receiving data, more of the logic is then on the server, automation solutions can still be created, but here the main part of the automation is in a cloud computer.

Many products can be given new life cost-effectively by connecting these, like product development, construction and design have already been developed. By modifying them to suit the customer’s need for digital communication with your product, the product can be given new life in the market and an extended product life cycle again.

Examples of opportunities that exist:

In industry, information can accompany a product along the entire value chain. It is possible to collect data for later stages in the process linked to the unique product through several manufacturers’ processes and the process’s total critical parameters.

Additional sales, if you sell a product, you can follow the product even when it is with an end customer. If the product needs service or maintenance, the data of sensors and sensors can create a basis for service needs.

This creates an opportunity to reduce inventories with spare parts, as there may be warnings about maintenance needs. And thus the stocks do not need to be filled with more than necessary, as the systems can forecast what spare parts need there is within a period.

Connecting products and thus letting them communicate with each other creates a new world with countless potentials. All types of companies can become more profitable and efficient, which saves money, reduces certain risks, and thus increases your total sales value and design new creative ideas for your customers. We help you reach your goal and choose the most suitable IoT solution that also takes into account your processes, products, and offers. This will later result in your services having a higher standard that also facilitates many individuals’ everyday lives. We at Things at Web have an industrial background and understand manufacturing, production, and product development, several of us have worked in the industry for many years, and know the issues that usually exist within an organization.

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