Keyword Optimization

Use of Keywords in website

For a website, keywords are one of the most important attributes. The search engine basically works based on keywords. Users on the web may not be aware of our website name. So we define some keywords in our website to make it work in such a way that users get to know about our website easily . If the user selects a particular word which matches with the site name then there is a high chance that the user may get to know about our website.
For example, if we type the word Cotton the search engine shows the content based on cotton.
Keywords are of two types:
a. short tail keywords
b. long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords:

If a keyword phrase contains 1-3 words it is considered as short tail key word.
● Short tail keywords attract more viewers towards our website.
● Getting rank is harder.
● In a web, pages are displayed to the users based on rankings. If we have created a new website with short tail keywords then it’s quite difficult to get reach among the big websites.
Less profit even when the views are high .

Long Tail keywords:

If a keyword Phrase has more than 3 words it is considered as long tail keyword. These keywords are more specific about the website.
Cotton shop in Lidköping.
● Possibility of getting high rank.
● Used in e-commerce.
● Visitor rate is less or Gets lesser views comparatively.

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