How to make your website top google search ranking?

If you have been advised by any SEO specialist or SEO consultant to build content on your website by adding keywords to your site such as SEO optimization, it helps but it will not help your site to the top of Google’s first page. To get good search engine results, your website needs to contain the right keywords, but these need to be created in a way so that Google understands what your website is about. You need to build your content so that Google understands that you have what users are looking for. Creating the right content is based on giving the customer what they are looking for. It is more than finding the right keywords, these need to get into a context that attracts the visitor.

Step number 1

To SEO optimize by knowing how to find great keywords with low competition.

To end up on the first page of Google, the number one step is to find three-four keywords, by finding long-tail keywords, keyword phrases as it has a significant search volume. An example is if we take the word buns, we can use the word buns in our text. But to create a page that Google sees that it buys rum buns, it should contain more words and phrases. This can be done through a few steps for the selection of keywords.

The words that appear in the list of related searches are word phrases that improve the search results as there are common searches in the area of ​​buns. Choose 3-4 of these phrases to build what your website should create content about.

Create texts where most of these words are included, then Google will understand that your website is about buns. The main word buns and regular searches are on your website and Google sees it as if the page has relevant text content for buns.

To do this, it is possible to repeat this process, for example, search for buns with vanilla cream and expand the content with relevant content about buns with vanilla cream. 

by knowing how to find keywords with low competition. 

Another method of finding related keywords is to use your browser in incognito mode. Then write the keyword and their related keywords will appear below the search field, using these phrases will create an understanding for Google of what your website is about. 

When the website is created with most of these phrases, Google will understand that the website is about buns, because it has several phrases that Google knows relate to each other, so it can predict that it probably has relevant content.

Google will then index your website in several steps where it will check how long they stay on your page, they are just where for a few seconds Google learns that your content does not attract visitors. The assessment is that the page is ranked down when the visitors do not stay on your website, but if the visitors stay for a long time, it is judged to be high quality and a positive user experience.  

step 2

Create content for the website

Studies have shown that 94% of all online articles have no inbound links, to create inbound links the content needs to be good even really good. If it is not good then there is so much else that is good that your article just disappears in the amount of all the information flow that is available online. It competes, for example, with Youtube, blog posts, other articles that try to achieve results. There is no direct formula for how this should be created, if there was a formula for this then everyone would do it. But steps can be taken to improve the chances of success, a more in-depth article on a topic improves the chances of others linking to your particular article.

To create better conditions for getting links, it is advantageous to create, for example, pictures, infographics, surveys, interviews that contain good information to link to. By having this with you when creating, the chance of others linking to your content is improved. 

Step 3

Build links to your website

For Google to rank your page, Google must see that visitors stay on your website, if you have read this text here, Google has registered that you have stayed on this page for a while and made the assessment that the content is relevant to your search. How your visitors behave on your website is one of the parameters of how Google views your website. 

Having a long explanation of why the topic is important means that visitors stay longer for a short introduction. Make sure that your website design is at a good level, maybe not use the very cheapest websites but more see what quality the supplier has on their websites. Studies show that people largely judge the site based on a design first and content in second place. So if your design is not good then you should not expect visitors to stay on the website, it does not have to be an advanced design but a good design. 

As mentioned earlier, building links is to have good content, but also to look for places to place your links. One way might be to use a backlink checker on websites that you think may contain links about buns and then look for dead links in their articles and where there are dead links send a message to the administrator that they can update their dead link with your working link. If the website that links to you has high authority on Google, then the credibility of your website increases and Google re-evaluates your website, now that a credible source links to your content.

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