How to attract your target audience through seo?

Step 1 Find top-ranked pages in the area to analyze

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is to create relevant content for searches that take place on the internet, meet the user’s need for information by creating the content that the user is searching for. This is aimed at people who are looking for something via a search engine, there is digital marketing that turns outwards and creates a need, you can read more about this in the article on different digital marketing types.

In this part, we go through some search engine optimization tips, where you can do search engine optimization for free if you follow the steps in the SEO guide.

Search engine optimization may seem difficult, but is it that difficult if you understand how Google works? Since it seems difficult, it is easy to buy that service, but is it always, right?

My personal opinion is that it is often right to do this job yourself if there is time and commitment to learn SEO, if there is no time and commitment it is better for an SEO agency to take care of the digital marketing.

There is a problem with buying services in SEO optimization, often the supplier does not have the industry knowledge that you have, they do not know the behavior of your customers. This is something that you should help them with SEO work to get the right visitors. Otherwise, they are using the digital tools available to find the right keywords. While you write texts and search engine optimize it yourself, you have the industry knowledge and know the words and phrases that your potential customers use. From there, you can build longtail keywords, to clarify what your sight is about.

Understanding the basics of Google allows you to significantly improve your search results, without having to hire an agency for this, if you hire an agency, you will probably perform the task much better than if you just trust the web agency. But it takes time to learn digital marketing in-depth, but it pays off over time.

The right lengths of texts , as well as the right number of headlines, are important parameters for Google to determine if a page is good, by analyzing the competitors’ websites what text lengths they have, and how they headline you can get significantly higher in your ranking.

To do this, we use the word cinnamon bun as an example. We will analyze the sights that rank high in this, and what length they have on the texts, how many headings

Start by downloading Seominion, which is the tool we will use to analyze competitors’ websites.

Search on google for the word cinnamon bun, Choose the top non-sponsored results, open them. In this case kungsö, we take the first three results. Kungsö basic recipe, recipe for cinnamon buns, middle kitchen, recipe cinnamon buns.

All three are about cinnamon buns and are the top three search results for cinnamon buns. We use these as statistical data when we work out texts in cinnamon bun, We want to get the right text length, the right amounts of headings

STEP 2 Right number of text for search engine optimization.

First, we must determine the length of the text that our article should be to be included in the top result. We do this by using SEO Minion> Analyze on page. We analyze the text length of the three websites about cinnamon buns: -Kungsö uses 489 uses 668 words in the text about cinnamon buns -Mittkö uses 1844 words in the text about cinnamon buns Now we calculate the average number of words for the texts for the top three results. ie (489 + 668 + 1844) / 3 which becomes 1000 words. We can then assume that a text about cinnamon buns should contain about 1000 words to be among the highest-ranked websites. How to design the text can be found in this article on longtail keywords.

To do a good SEO job, text lengths need to be included in the work, as this is something that the search engine can analyze, Google also keeps track of what time you spend on the website, you need to create a text that keeps the visitor long enough so that Google sees that visitors appreciate your website to get high on the search results. In other words, the text is not enough, the visitor also needs to stop and read the text for google to register the website as rich in content.

Step 3 Analyze the number of Headings

Heading 1 should in most cases have 1 off the page. Keep in mind that this heading should contain some auto-supplemented keyword in its heading, read more here about this. We count the number of heading 2 in on the three websites. -Kungsö has 2 H2 headings on its website has 5 H2 headings on its website -Mittkö 3 H2 headings on its website We calculate the average number of H2, which is 3, so three or four H2 headings are the number of headings that we will use in our text. Then we continue this with H3 in the same way. By using this technology, you significantly improve the odds of ranking among the top results.

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